Let's show the world how to spread love!

Many people you know feel isolated, forgotten, or alone.

Despite the incredible power of our smart phones, 90% of people report having felt socially isolated or lonely in the last year (according to a recent LoveBomb study).

This is not only impacting the happiness of our friends, family, colleagues, and selves, but according to Dr. Vivek Murthy - the 19th Surgeon General of the United States, is also effecting our short and long term physical health and emotional well-being.

Since staying connected can be tough, and it's still easy to fall out of touch with people we care about, we created a tool that makes it easier than ever to manage your relationships, celebrate your favorite people, and experience meaningful connection consistently.

How will we do it? By dropping LoveBombs.

LoveBomb (noun/verb): A digital expression of kindness. 

A LoveBomb for you.

Lead the way and make someone's day!

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How to get started:

Step 1: Sign-up for the LoveBomb beta and download the app.

Step 2: Build a list of people you want to keep in touch with.

Step 3: Send your 1st LoveBomb and set a daily connection goal.

How to LoveBomb

-You can send videos, voice notes, pictures, texts, memes, or better yet, (video) call them!

-You can say "hi," "thank you," give a compliment, recall a cherished memory, wish them well, or give them a public shoutout on social media.

-It's about kindness and connection - have fun, feel free to get creative, and be authentic!

Who will you LoveBomb 1st??  

We doube dare you to send one now! 


The LoveBomb app is coming soon.

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How to send an amazing LoveBomb:

From our experience, a 30-second appreciation video is GOLD. Here’s how to make an awesome one.  

  • A warm smiley face and a friendly hello!
  • Say where you are/what you are up to, and why you are reaching out. Bonus points for a good background or a fun/funny context.
  • Make them feel special. Pay an honest compliment, recall an unforgettable memory, AND wish them well (in these unprecedented/uncertain times). They will love it, and it will feel great!
  • Make it short and sweet - 20-30 seconds. Don’t ramble.
  • Be kind, authentic, and make your message more of a gift to them than about you.  

People will 'like' a selfie, but never forget a LoveBomb.

Who will you LoveBomb 1st? 

We dare you to take 30 seconds right now!

You'll be glad you did and so will they! Worst case scenario - you'll know you chose love!

For Random Blasts of Kindness...

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About our Founder

TLDR: Mark Shapiro has sent over 10,000 personalized appreciation videos to those he cares about, gave the TEDx talk on human connection in the digital age, and is the founder of the LoveBomb app (coming Summer 2020).


“After my dad passed away 3 years ago, I realized I could show more appreciation for the people in my life, and started a daily ritual of sending personalized video messages to each of my 3,000 Facebook friends on their birthdays.

While I guessed it would be a nice gift to give people, be fun to do, and help me keep in touch with the people I have chosen "to be connected with" on social media, little did I know that sending appreciation videos would totally elevate my life, relationships, and be a gift that keeps on giving.

You see, gratitude and kindness are proven to stimulate positive emotions, improve our health, help build strong relationships, and are contagious, so giving our kind attention to the people we care about, even if it's just a 30 second appreciation video or a 'thinking of you' text, is often a bigger gift than we realize.

10,000 videos, and a TEDx talk later, I've discovered just how much more love there is to go around, and that the key to mitigating loneliness and igniting connection calls for kindness and a system that makes it simple.

Enter in LoveBomb, which makes keeping in touch and sending uplifting messages - fun, quick, and easier than ever.

Given the state of the world, and now that I have a baby daughter, I want to ensure that she (and every other GEN-Z'er) grows up in a society that is less lonely and more loving - and I invite you to help create that reality (for all of us) by dropping daily LoveBombs on your favorite people."