What to say in a greeting card: The template to use every-time.

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Have you ever found yourself writing a greeting card to someone important and not knowing what to say?

Whether it's a birthday, a heartfelt thank-you, a message of sympathy, or words of congratulations, we've all experienced that moment of staring at a blank card, searching for the perfect words. In this blog post, we've crafted a foolproof template that anyone can use, regardless of the occasion, to convey your emotions eloquently and authentically. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to heartfelt connections through your greeting cards.

The Heartfelt Greeting Card Template

1. Beginning: Start with a Warm Greeting
Begin your card with a friendly salutation. Whether it's "Dear [Name]," "Hello," or "Hi there," choose an opening that suits your relationship with the recipient.

2. Middle: Express Your Sentiments:
This is where the magic happens. Be genuine and expressive in your words. If it's a birthday, convey your warmest wishes for a fantastic day. For sympathy cards, express your condolences with empathy and care.


Share Personal Memories:
"I'll never forget the time when..."
"Something I still think about..."
"I'll always cherish the time when..."
"My favorite memory of you is/was..."
"My favorite story about you is..."

Thoughtful Reflection, Compliment, or Praise:
"My first impression of you was..."
"The way I describe you to people is..."
"You make my life better because..."
"Of all the people I know, you're the most likely to..."
"I like you more than..."
"My favorite quirk of yours is..."
"Something I've learned from you is..."
"Three things I love about you are..."
"Three adjectives that best describe you are..."
"The first thing that comes to mind when I think about you is..."

Express Gratitude:
"I want to thank you for..."
"What I appreciate most about you is..."
"I'm grateful to have you in my life because..."
"Thank you for being a constant source of support."
"Your friendship is a blessing that I cherish."
"Thank you for simply being you."

Offer Encouragement or Support:
"My wish for you today is..."
"I believe in you, and I know you can..."
"Remember, you're stronger than you think."
"No matter what, I'll always be here for you."
"During challenging times, know that you have my support."
"You've got this, and I'm here to cheer you on."
"Keep your head high, and your spirits higher."
"Don't forget how amazing you are and all you've accomplished."
"Stay resilient, and you'll overcome any obstacle."
"I'm confident that your future is filled with success and happiness."

Get Creative:

-A Top 10 List: "My Top 10 Favorite Memories with You;" "Top 10 Things I love about you"

-A Poem or Haiku

-An acronym of their name. (i.e. S.A.M..: Smart, Ambitious, Magical)
-Fill the card with adjectives and/or word that describe the person
-A to Z Appreciation: List positive attributes or qualities from A to Z
-Drawing: Make a picture that makes them feel special
-Character Traits: Highlight specific character traits using anecdotes or examples to illustrate each one
-Timeline of your relationship

3. End: Conclude with Warm Regards
Wrap up your card with warm regards or a closing phrase that feels appropriate. Options include "With love," "Thinking of you," "Best wishes," or "Sincerely." Then sign it!

Tailoring the Template to Different Occasions

Birthday Card:
-Start with "Dear [Name],"
-Express your birthday wishes with enthusiasm.
-Share a fond memory or something you love about the person.
-Offer encouragement for the year ahead.
-Conclude with "With love" or "Happy Birthday!"
-Sign your name.

Sympathy Card:
-Start with "Dear [Name],"
-Express your condolences with kindness.
-Share a memory of the person or mention their qualities.
-Offer support and comfort.
-Conclude with "Thinking of you" or "With deepest sympathy."
-Sign your name.

Thank-You Card:
-Start with "Dear [Name],"
-Express gratitude for their actions or kindness.
-Share how their gesture made a difference.
-Offer appreciation for their presence in your life.
-Conclude with "Sincerely grateful" or "With heartfelt thanks."
-Sign your name.

Congratulations Card:
-Start with "Hello" or "Hi there,"
-Congratulate the recipient on their achievement.
-Share your excitement and pride for them.
-Offer encouragement for their future endeavors.
-Conclude with "Best wishes" or "Cheers to your success!"
-Sign your name.

Crafting Moments of Connection
With this versatile greeting card template in your arsenal, you can effortlessly craft heartfelt messages for any occasion. Remember, a perfectly written greeting card is not just a piece of paper; it's a moment of connection, love, and support that can brighten someone's day and leave a lasting impact. So, grab that pen, unleash your creativity, and let your words become a beacon of warmth and affection in every card you send!

About The Author

Mark Shapiro has sent over 20,000 personalized appreciation videos and is the founder of LoveBomb. Inspired by his TED Talk - "The Art of Connection in a Digital World," LoveBomb is a connection calendar & social assistant that makes it easy to never miss birthdays and big days in the lives of people you care about.